Contagious Insider Essential Briefing 2017


Simon Kemp, Contagious’s Head of Insider Consulting for APAC, will guide you on a journey through the tech innovations that are shaping the very future of marketing and creativity. In contrast to most ‘trends’ presentations though, Simon will focus on help – not hype – by sharing real-world examples and brand case studies to demonstrate how you can take full advantage of these amazing opportunities. Topics we’ll cover in this hour-long deep-dive include:

Banishing The Bullsh*t: The Secret To Meaningful ROI In Social

Marketers all over the world are struggling with diminishing returns from social media marketing (if they ever managed to achieve any meaningful returns in the first place). However, the good news is that social media marketing success is far, far easier than most marketers think – and we’ll show you how to achieve it.

The Impending Marketing Watershed: The End Of Screens

Most of today’s tech devices are reliant on screens of some sort, and as a result, almost every marketing medium today has become screen-centric – even radio. However, we’re about to witness a rapid and all-encompassing revolution in device interfaces, and as a result, today’s marketing model is about to change dramatically. Brands need to get ready for this new world of invisible interfaces, or risk becoming invisible themselves.

Enriched Reality: From Virtual To Valuable

Journalists, ad agencies and startups have all been predicting that virtual reality is the future, but the public doesn’t seem to be getting the memo. So is VR doomed? Does augmented reality have any place in our future? We cut through the hype to share our insights and predictions on what marketers need to know – and what they need to do.

Intelligent Machines: Why Algorithms Are Our Destiny

Machine learning is one of the hottest topics in tech today, whether you’re in Silicon Valley or Madison Avenue. However, most marketers don’t even know what machine learning is, let alone whether it’s relevant to them. We’ll break things down so that you know your AI from your algorithms, and explain how machine learning is already shaping every aspect of our lives.

Beyond The Radar: Food For Subconscious Thought

We’ll finish the session by seeding some ideas around what’s coming next. These innovations probably won’t appear in this year’s plan – or even in next year’s – but if you want to succeed a decade from now, you’ll want to start thinking about these topics today.


5pm – 6.30pm: Registration & Talk

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Fri Apr 28, 2017
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM SGT
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